Georgia 28.1. -8.2.2016

Since last year’s trip to the US was so much fun we thought we would make it a yearly event. Additionally we brought Junior on board and flew East to Caucasus. We landed in Tbilisi early morning and were met by our designated driver and soon to be friend Andro. We packed the imported Japanese 4×4 and hit the road towards the mountains. The adventure was on.

Our destination was Mestia in the Svaneti region. It’s only some 400km from Tbilisi but i think it took us about 11 hours, the roads are not great and once the road enters the mountains it is no longer cleared and there was snow. Forget it without a proper 4×4. Oh and there are cows as well 🙂 Anyway we made it and settled it with our host and guide Leri.

The following days have been a combination of touring and resort skiing. And along the way getting to know the amazing region and country, eating the most awesome food and toasting with plenty of Chacha. The snow the first few days was amazingly light then it got warmer and it got heavier. And the scenery is just stunning, the mountains are massive. Would definitely come back for some heli…

The pictures are a mix from all of us and the drone footage is from a guy who joined us on one of the days. Hopefully Junior will make a more detailed post like an adventure of this magnitude deserves 🙂

Edit: and he did as i hoped 😛





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