Lapoutroie 3. & 4.10.2015

October is the month of wine so it is only fitting that we made a trip to one of France’s best wine region Alsace and more specifically Kaysersberg, the home of Pinot-gris d’Alsace.

We started pedaling from Basel along the Rhine and it’s canals following the EuroVelo 15 toward Colmar. In true French fashion we got lost a couple of times but didn’t care much since the sun was shining, we had enough wine and good company. Eventually we passed the Alsacian plains or the Grand Ried and started climbing towards our goal Lapoutroie in the Vosges (Vogesen). Traditional dinner and wine tasting.

Next morning it was time to go back but we chose a different route. First we descended down to Kaysersberg, which is apparently one of the nicest villages in the whole of Alsace according to our French colleagues. From there we followed the wine route (Route des Vins d’Alsace) that takes you through all the vineyards and little villages all the way back to Mullhouse and from there along the canal back to Basel.

We did about 230 km in 2 days but with all the sun, laughs and good wine we hardly noticed the effort 😛


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