Davos 12. & 13.9.2015

Our colleague invited us all to his place in Davos to enjoy the local trails and we were happy to accept the invite. Saturday was beautiful, 6C down in the city (1560m) in the morning, clear skies and freshly snow coated mountains all around. There are almost a 1000 kilometers of superbly maintained trails on the surrounding mountains so the possibilities are truly endless. Thankfully we had a local with us and were able to just start and ride. We made a complete loop around Davos the first day, with the tram up to Weissfluhjoch (2693m) and then across to Strelapass (2346m) and up to Chörbschhornhütte (2575m). A long descend down to Frauenkirch (1512m) and then up with the gondola on the other side to Jatzmender-Rinerhorn (2053m) where we had the only break of the day for some coffee. Another long descend all the way back to Davos and another gondola up to Jakobshorn (2590m). We first rode down to Sertig (1861m) and then back to Davos to take the same gondola up again and drop on the other side to the valley of Dischma and finish the day in the park with some beer and snacks. In the evening we went to dinner and some beers with our CEO but soon went to sleep.

Next day the sun was gone and rain was looming. We still managed to ride until around 14 on the Klosters side where there is also an epic bike park with great North Shore setup and fun jumps. Davos is renowned for great trails for a reason, highly recommended.


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