Livigno 15. & 16.8.2015

A workmate had to visit one of our partners in Livigno and so i tagged along. We loaded our bikes in the van and set off after work. Was pouring rain across Switzerland but then actually cleared up when we reached Livigno. We met the others for dinner and some drinks and then crashed at some basement. There are many options for biking and the first day we hit the park. Not my favorite thing in the world but fun to watch the guys killing it. In the afternoon it started raining so we took advantage of an offer to go celebrate the Ferragosto in a hut from one of the mountain guides. So it was down to Bormio and from there up the valley of Zebru to the little hut in the shadow of Il Gran Zebrù or Königspitze (3851 m) as the Germans call it. After a relaxed night we returned to Livigno in the morning and hit the other side of the mountain where all the flow trails are. Much more fun! We rode until the rain returned, had another dinner and then drove back home.


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