Goodbye Switzerland

And thanks for all the fun. Now it’s time for a new adventure in Tirol which i will document here: Tyrolean adventure


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Hasenstock 10.4.2016

It snowed and some colleagues reported face shots on Saturday. So i planned my trip towards Oberalppass for Sunday, bought the discounted ticket in the evening and went to sleep early. Sunday 4 AM buying coffee at the train station i noticed the trains between Goeschenen and Andermatt are canceled because of a rock slide. OK, no worries, I can take the train to Goeschenen and then hitchhike up to Andermatt. One hour later i get kicked off in Lucerne because the road is closed as well and Andermatt is off limits. Meh. Alternatives? Engelberg is close, so let’s go. The problem is Engelberg is only about 1000m above sea level and the snow is gone. And i really don’t want to spend 60CHF to get higher up with the lift. Hm hm. Is Bannalp still open? Check, let’s go. Get off in Wolfenshiessen and take the bus up to Oberrickenbach-Fell and catch the little gondola. It looks familiar, then i remember i was here before, when we went to ski off Ruchstock (2814m). Nice. When I step off the gondola it feels like i am transported a few months back into winter wonderland, fresh snow on trees, everything white, sun raising. Originally i was going to go on Chaiserstuhl (2400m) but the approach along the south ridge and up the west slope is a stark opposite to the winter wonderland, the entire face is basically one big avalanche. Another change of plan then. I didn’t bring my ice axe and crampons to go climb Ruchstock again and so i opted for the pick in front of it, called Hasenstöck (2720m). Or actually up to the vertical tower that is the peak. Even though i started a little later because of all the transportation  circus in the end i was able to ski the face among the first people and was rewarded with some nice spring butter. And just because why not, i had to wait for another three hours for the bus back but there was a big sunny terrace, they had Rösti and beer so all good… 🙂

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Mariannehubel 19.3.2016

I’m a little behind on posting but hey-ho. Today we had a proper spring tour, temperature wise at least. Above 1800 the snow was still great in the shade. Original plan was to go for Diemtigtaler Rothorn (2410m) but as we started skinning it looked quite tracked out and more people seemed to be headed that way. So we took a detour and climbed on Mariannehubel (2156m). Just a few people and more importantly almost no tracks. Beer in the sun.

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Georgia 28.1. -8.2.2016

Since last year’s trip to the US was so much fun we thought we would make it a yearly event. Additionally we brought Junior on board and flew East to Caucasus. We landed in Tbilisi early morning and were met by our designated driver and soon to be friend Andro. We packed the imported Japanese 4×4 and hit the road towards the mountains. The adventure was on.

Our destination was Mestia in the Svaneti region. It’s only some 400km from Tbilisi but i think it took us about 11 hours, the roads are not great and once the road enters the mountains it is no longer cleared and there was snow. Forget it without a proper 4×4. Oh and there are cows as well 🙂 Anyway we made it and settled it with our host and guide Leri.

The following days have been a combination of touring and resort skiing. And along the way getting to know the amazing region and country, eating the most awesome food and toasting with plenty of Chacha. The snow the first few days was amazingly light then it got warmer and it got heavier. And the scenery is just stunning, the mountains are massive. Would definitely come back for some heli…

The pictures are a mix from all of us and the drone footage is from a guy who joined us on one of the days. Hopefully Junior will make a more detailed post like an adventure of this magnitude deserves 🙂

Edit: and he did as i hoped 😛




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Almost Dawn Patrol 15.1.2016

The cold came to Basel this week and with it the first snow flurries. Not enough to stick to the ground but at least it feels like winter. Just a few minutes from our office in the Jura however there is enough snow for touring and we set off today on our traditional dawn patrol destination of Hohe Winde. Early morning start took as a little longer than expected so we caught the dawn at the parking but instead we got to see the sun once we made it to the main ridge. The top part is almost bare because of strong winds but lower down the snow was great all the way back to the car. A good way to start your work day.

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Feldberg 10.1.2016

Practice makes perfect they say. So we practiced again, thanks to our friends from Picos we had a nice wintery avalanche burial workshop.

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Birehubel 9.1.2016

A short tour today, staying on the safe side. Conditions treacherous and the weather weird. We took a not so early train to the heart of Berner Oberland where we met our ex colleague and drove towards Gantrisch Naturpark. Raining all the way up to 1300 m but then just as we reached our starting point the scenery got white and it started snowing. Funny. The snow was still wet and it was really windy. Luckily we anticipated that and stayed on the eastern side, at least somewhat sheltered from the elements. From the hut it is just a short skin up to the top of Birenhubel (1850 m). The top was cold, windy and foggy and so we were quick to ski back down to rain.

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